Gate Automation

A large proportion of gates we install today are fully automated solutions. Gates can be designed to be traditional swing gates but can also be designed to slide it the site layout allows for it. Automated gates offer a high degree of security over manual gates as they will remain closed by default and open only when in use. Manual gates have the opposite function - they remain open all the time until closed by hand, which can be very impracticable. The opening function can be carried out using a range of different triggers. Most gates will have a key fob, the traditional press the button to open solution. Most will have a keypad to allow the entry of a code for entry and more modern systems will have GSM enabled keypads which allow control of the gate using your mobile phone. These GSM enabled units allow callers to ring the bell and talk to you via your mobile phone and will in turn allow you to open the gate for a caller if you are not at home. Useful in the case of a delivery if you are not at the house for example. We can discuss all the available solutions to see what best suits your site and budget.