My Story

Aidan O'Regan

I started out my career as a welder making stairs, gates and railings. I quickly found that had an interest in design and realised that a lot of my creative ideas were way beyond the scope of traditional welding. Hence, my love of blacksmithing was forged. It certainly wans’t the easiest of paths, with a sharp learning curve and many a bump along the way but, after a long road, I finally achieved my lifelong dream of having a blacksmiths workshop of my very own. My workshop is now equipped with a Blacksmiths Coal Forge, Power Hammer (taking the heavy lifting out of Blacksmithing process,  improving turnaround without compromising on quality), hydraulic press for perforating and a heavy duty bandsaw to allow me to turn out any scale or type of metal design. With my workshop in place I had the platform that allowed me to design and build custom iron works for my clients which I have been doing for 12 years now. I am also member of the Irish Blacksmith association.

If you have you ever passed a house with an amazing garden piece, or very eye catching entrance gate, and thought to yourself, how did they do that? It didn’t happen by accident. Most of the gates we produce start with an idea in the head of the client. Once that idea is presented to me, at the initial consultation, we can start to draft up ideas for the piece. There are a number of things that need to be considered a the design stage such as budget, style, security, privacy, upkeep requirments etc. With all these taken in to account we will design up a suitable solution. With the design agreed we will fabricate the piece, install on site and maintain / repair if required in the furture.

In more recent years we have expanded our offering beyond metal gates and railings, introducing a new and exciting product line. This is our garden sculptures, benches and ornamental range of products. These can be designed and made to house your plants and flowers. In 2017 I  show cased my garden sculptures in the Mallow Garden Show which was a great success and I have gone on to do a number of bepoke sculptures for homes and garden designers.